Welcome to the GOC HPV decision aid platform!

On this website, you will find relevant tools to help you make an informed decision about HPV vaccination, and how it could benefit you or your child.

HPV vaccination gives us the means to prevent a significant number of cervical and other cancers, but not all eligible people have been vaccinated so far. The ultimate goal of this website is to lead to decreased rates of cervical and HPV-associated cancers by prevention and education. The tools were designed based on a critical analysis of the most recent studies and reviewed by experts in gynecologic oncology.

The first section is an educational video including information on HPV-related cancers, Risk factors, Vaccine information, Targeted population, Side effects and Disadvantages. The 2nd part is a decision-aid board with the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination and non-vaccination which you will be able to rate based on importance and values. A final utility score will be given to you which may help you decide whether vaccination would be beneficial. You can use this information to discuss with your doctor about reducing your risk of HPV-related diseases.

Finally, links to additional resources on cervical cancer and other HPV related cancers will be available on the last page.

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